2016 Candidates:

Please support our Republican candidates for VICTORY in November.

Incumbent Elected Officials Seeking Election:

Mark Kirk, United States Senator

Leslie Munger, Illinois State Comptroller

Peter Roskam, United States Representative (6th) 

Bob Dold, United States Representative (10th)

Jim Oberweis, State Senator (25)

Christine Radogno, State Senator (41st)

Michael McAuliffe, State Representative (20th)

Margo McDermed, State Representative (37th)

Christine Winger, State Representative (45th)

Patti Bellock, State Representative (47th) 

Mike Fortner, State Representative (49th)

David McSweeney, State Representative (52nd)

David Harris, State Representative (53rd)

Tom Morrison, State Representative (54th)

Jim Durkin, State Representative (82nd)

Dan Patlak, Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review, First (1st) Election District



Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence (President)

August Deuser, Candidate for Congress (1st)

John F. Morrow, Candidate for Congress (2nd)

Vince Kolber, Candidate for Congress (5th)

Jeffrey A. Leef, Candidate for Congress (7th)

Peter "Pete" DiCianni, Candidate for Congress (8th)

Joan McCarthy Lasonde, Candidate for Congress (9th)

Tonia Khouri, Candidate for Congress (11th)

Tracy Smodilla, Candidate for State Senate (22nd)

Seth Lewis, Candidate for State Senate (23rd)

Dan McConchie, Candidate for State Senate (26th)

Mel Thillens, Candidate for State Senate, (28th)

Benjamin Salzberg, Candidate for State Senate (29th)

Jonathan Edelman, Candidate for State Representative (15th)

Jessica Tucker, Candidate for State Representative (18th)

Andy Kirchhoff, Candidate for State Representative (24th)

Victor C. Horne, Candidate for State Representative (35th)

Katy Dolan Baumer, Candidate for State Representative (44th)

Nick Sauer, Candidate for State Representative (51st)

Dan Gott, Candidate for State Representative (55th)

Jillian Rose Bernas, Candidate for State Representative (56th)

Martin (Marty) Blumenthal, Candidate for State Representative (58th)

Dawn Abernathy, Candidate for State Representative (59th)

Anthony Airdo, Candidate for State Representative (77th)

Christopher E.K. Pfannkuche, State’s Attorney

Diane Shapiro, Candidate for Cook County Circuit Court Clerk

Herb Schumann, Candidate for Commissioner of the Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

James Leonard Allegretti, Candidate for Judge - 12th Judicial Subcircuit

Thomas William Flannigan, Candidate for Judge - 12th Judicial Subcircuit

David Studenroth, Candidate for Judge - 12th Judicial Subcircuit

Steven Kozicki, Candidate for Judge - 13th Judicial Subcircuit

Kevin O'Donnell, Candidate for Judge - 13th Judicial Subcircuit


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The Hon. Sean M. Morrison

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