Introducing FlipIllinois2016

Make no mistake: Governor Rauner won the governorship because the voters in Cook County delivered. We are going to do this again for the Presidential election and flip Illinois back to supporting a Republican for President for the first time since 1988.

Our FlipIlinois2016 strategy involves developing the base in Suburban Cook County and Chicago. In addition to getting out the Republican vote, our program will reach out to add new voters in locations where Republicans are underrepresented.

Importantly, we have a focused ballot integrity program in place. Protecting every polling place in Cook County is extremely important in 2016, because individuals can now register to vote on Election Day at their precinct, and their vote is instantly counted without anyone checking the validity of their registration.

You can learn more at our website: Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, we need to know which Presidential candidates you’d like to see come to town! Let me know which candidates you would like me to invite by voting for your 5 favorites at this link. Please send this link to your family, friends, and social networks so they can weigh in too! The last day to vote is October 5th.

The road to getting a Republican in the White House is through Cook County. Your support will help change the future of Illinois and the USA.

Aaron Del Mar
Cook County Republican Chairman

P.S. We need your input! Let us know which Presidential candidates you’d like to see invited to Chicago to meet Republican voters byselecting your 5 favorites today!

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