Cook GOP Committeeman Support Program Grows

PALATINE, IL – Cook County Republican Party Chairman Aaron Del Mar sent an update today to county Republicans detailing the progress being made on the Party’s rebuilding effort.
The number of organizations enrolled in the new grassroots Committeeman Support Program has tripled. The following organizations are now enrolled:
  • Berwyn Township
  • Bremen Township
  • Cicero Township
  • Evanston Township
  • Hanover Township
  • Lemont Township
  • Lyons Township
  • Niles Township
  • Oak Park Township
  • Orland Township
  • Palatine Township
  • Palos Township
  • Riverside Township
  • Schaumburg Township
  • Stickney Township
  • Thornton Township
  • Worth Township
  • 44th Ward (Chicago)
  • 50th Ward (Chicago)

 “The organizations enrolled in the Committeeman Support Program are now working on further enhancing their efforts, and they're doing a tremendous job. We're excited to see the progress they are making. Already effective organizations are doing even more while other organizations are now hosting regular monthly meetings for the first time and recruiting new volunteers to join their efforts,” said Chairman Del Mar. “As part of the program, our team is providing them the tools and assistance they need, including developing new websites for a number of organizations through the county so they have an online presence to further their efforts.”

Each of the program participants receive an initial stipend for enrolling in the program and are eligible for further funding. The Cook County Republican Party has already been actively fundraising for the program, including a fundraiser with Founder and President of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist on Tuesday, and projects the fund to be upwards of $50,000 this election cycle.

As each organization advances towards certain milestones, their progress will be tracked on the program’s Scorecard. Their ratings will determine the funding they will receive from the Cook County Republican Party to further enhance their efforts. The first Scorecard will be completed on June 15th and released to the public on June 17th.

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About the Cook County Republican Party:

The Cook County Republican Party coordinates the Republican Party’s efforts in the largest county in Illinois and the 2ndlargest in the nation. Led by Chairman Aaron Del Mar, the Palatine Township Republican Committeeman elected in 2012 to head the County GOP, the Cook County Republicans are working to build a presence in Chicago while strengthening their standing in the suburbs in order to elect leaders who believe in the foundational principles of the Republican Party, namely fiscal responsibility, personal accountability and limited government.

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