Leslie Munger Endorsement

ICYMI: Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Comptroller Leslie Munger

The Chicago Sun-Times endorsed Leslie Munger for Comptroller. The following are excerpts from the Chicago Sun-Times:

"Munger has run the office of comptroller with integrity since Rauner appointed her to the job 16 months ago. She was thrown into a tough spot, given that our state has no budget, more bills to pay than money to pay them, and thousands of vendors all but begging to be paid before they go under. Those vendors include dozens of social services agencies that care for the disabled, the poor and the elderly.
Best we can tell, Munger has used good sense and followed the rules, paying certain bills first as required by court orders, paying other bills promptly so as not to lose out on matching funds, and doling out what’s left with fairness and compassion.
Munger repeatedly has sounded the alarm that the state must pass a balanced budget, describing the pain inflicted when the state does not pay its bills.
Munger also has told all the state’s elected officials, including the 177 members of the General Assembly, to get in line with all those unpaid vendors to get their paychecks. That works fine for us.
Munger says she will continue to push fiscal reforms, including creating two-year budget plans; issuing “overspending alerts” when agencies are spending too much, and rebuilding the state’s rainy-day fund. And, like Mendoza, she supports merging the offices of state comptroller and state treasurer to save money."

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