Levin Appointed New Trier Township Republican Committeemen

Cook County Republican Chairman Aaron Del Mar today announced the appointment of Marc Levine as Republican Committeeman for New Trier Township.

"Today I am happy to announce that Marc Levine has been appointed as New Trier’s Republican Committeeman," said Del Mar. "His credentials, background, and strong support within the New Trier community ensure that the township will be in good hands."

"Aaron and I have recently met and had a outstanding discussion, and we're in agreement on the needs to move the Cook County Republican Organization forward," added Levine. "I look forward to a working together on the county’s behalf and to building on the strong legacy of Republican strength in New Trier Township.”

Marc Levine serves as Managing Partner of Chicago Asset Funding LLC. Mr. Levine is the co-founder of Chicago Asset Funding LLC. He has eighteen years of experience originating, structuring and executing asset backed financing.

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