Mendoza Ditched Campaign Pledge

She’s revealed herself to be “just another pawn of the Democratic machine”

 From the Quad-City Times Editorial Board: Editorial

Like a good Illinois Democrat, state Comptroller Susana Mendoza rolled over.

Mendoza had two choices last week after a court ordered her to pay state lawmakers when no budget exists: Appeal or cave. She chose the latter.

Mendoza immediately started issuing lawmakers' paychecks following a ruling in Cook County ordering the release of lawmakers' paychecks. Mendoza didn't come up with the idea to withhold paychecks for the very people responsible for Illinois' two-year fiscal dumpster fire. Her GOP predecessor, Leslie Munger, died on that hill.

…But that didn't stop Mendoza from cribbing Munger's line during last year's campaign. Munger's entire campaign was built around the slogan "No budget, no pay." Mendoza co-opted it, too. It's good, populist politics in a state that hasn't actually functioned in almost 700 days. And hitting the Legislature itself squarely in the wallet is probably the only way Illinois' credit-busting impasse ends anytime soon.

Mendoza's seemingly hollow words, however, flew in the face of her party's don't-rock-the-boat policy, which cares only for 2018's gubernatorial race to the detriment of actual governance.

The proof is in Mendoza's non-reaction. She could have fought back. She could have appealed. She could have requested an immediate stay.


Mendoza's actions don't square with her campaign rhetoric.

…Mendoza might lose should she push the issue to an appellate court. But even a stay of the Cook County ruling, if granted, would apply continued pressure to lawmakers who have proven themselves deaf to their constituents. For a time, it would force legislators to share the burden they have heaped on everyone else. It would show that Illinois' comptroller isn't just another pawn of the Democratic machine.

... Appeal the decision, Ms. Mendoza. Anything less will verify our suspicions.


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