Paid Petition Walk Program - Illinois Rebuild Project

The Illinois Rebuild Project just announced a paid petition walk program to help their efforts get the Dodge/Senger slate and Jason Helland on the ballot.

Details are as follows:

  1. Walkers will be paid $1.50 for each VALID signature they get for Dodge/Senger AND for Jason Helland. This means that if a single person signs both petitions, the walker would earn $3 ($1.50 for Dodge/Senger and a $1.50 for Jason Helland).
  2. The ONLY signatures they will be paying for right now are Dodge/Senger and Jason Helland.
  3. The best way to ensure that you are getting valid signatures is to go door to door. If you choose to go to train stations or other community events, it may be difficult to guarantee the validity of your signatures. Illinois Rebuild can provide walk sheets for walkers if so desired.  They just need to know which area you want to walk in.

For college students:

  1. Make sure that any student you ask to sign is registered to vote in Illinois. Only voters registered to vote in Illinois are eligible to sign the petition.

If you are going to participate in the program, please contact Jack DeMeulenaere at so he can ensure you are paid properly for the signatures you collect.

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