Republican Leaders Endorse Tim Schneider for ILGOP Chairman

Below is a letter of support for the re-election of Tim Schneider as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party signed by Governor Bruce Rauner, all Republican nominees for statewide office, the entire Illinois Congressional Delegation, and Republican Leaders Bill Brady and Jim Durkin.


Dear Members of the Illinois Republican Party’s State Central Committee: 

We are at a critical juncture in Illinois’ history. Pundits tell us the national headwinds are against us. Illinois Democrats have just nominated a billionaire candidate for governor who is willing to spend unlimited resources to empower Speaker Madigan and protect the status quo in Springfield. And to the detriment of hardworking taxpayers and families, Madigan continues to consolidate power and block reform at all costs just to protect his rigged Chicago Machine. 

Now more than ever, we need a capable and proven Republican to lead our Party to victory as we enter what may be the most consequential election of our lifetimes in Illinois. 

That is why, as elected Illinois Republicans and Republican candidates for public office, we wholeheartedly and without reservation endorse Tim Schneiderfor reelection as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party. 

As we approach the 2018 General Election, Tim is uniquely positioned to lead us to victory again. 

Tim Schneider is a small business owner and entrepreneur. Unlike our Machine Democrat counterparts, Tim didn’t cut his teeth in politics; he owns several successful small businesses. That private sector experience has taught Tim that less government is better government, politics is about providing value for taxpayers, and, as Republican Party members and elected officials, we must innovate to not only survive, but thrive and win. 

Tim Schneider is a tested and proven fighter for taxpayers. As a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, the second largest county in the United States, Tim has led the charge against the Chicago Democrats’ reckless tax hikes. Late last year, Tim along with other Republican board members, successfully led the coalition against the soda tax, and in several other sales tax hikes in years past. Like us, Tim knows that Republicans have the policy solutions to tackle the challenges facing Illinois. 

Most importantly, Tim Schneider knows how to elect Republicans. Tim was elected party chairman in 2014 with a vision to unify the Party, bring all Republican stakeholders together, and win elections. Like us Republican elected officials, Tim himself has had to get on the ballot, run his own campaigns and win – and he has successfully done that many times over. Tim’s personal experience of running and actually winning campaigns has proven to be invaluable for the Party. 

Under Tim’s leadership, party organizations like our seven Congressional campaign committees, Governor Rauner’s campaign committee, the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee, the House Republican Organization, and others have worked more closely than ever before. In our “Blue” state, Tim has beat the odds and worked successfully and collaboratively to elect Republicans statewide – defending our Republican members of Congress, increasing the ranks of Republican lawmakers in Springfield, and electing Governor Rauner. Tim is ready to do it again and turn our state “Red” as we approach the critical 2020 redistricting process. 

We strongly believe that the future of our great state of Illinois depends on having experienced and tested Republicans like Tim Schneider leading our Party. We hope that you join us in supporting Tim Schneider for reelection as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party. 

Respectfully Yours, 

Bruce Rauner, Governor 
Evelyn Sanguinetti, Lieutenant Governor
Jason Helland, Republican nominee for Secretary of State

Erika Harold, Republican nominee for Attorney General
Darlene Senger, Republican nominee for Comptroller
Jim Dodge, Republican nominee for Treasurer
John Shimkus, IL-15

Peter Roskam, IL-06
Randy Hultgren, IL-14

Adam Kinzinger, IL-16

Rodney Davis, IL-13

Mike Bost, IL-12
Darin LaHood, IL-18

Bill Brady, Senate Republican Leader 
Jim Durkin, House Republican Leader

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