Cook County Republican Party Chairman Sean Morrison Announces New Fundraising Campaign

Chicago – Last week, Cook County Republican Party Chairman Sean Morrison announced the formation of the Chairman’s Club – a Cook County Republican Party membership circle of those providing maximum annual contributions to the County GOP – and announced he would be the founding member of the Club with his person donation of $10,800 to the Cook County GOP.

“We are in a battle to save Illinois and Cook County is on the front line. For too long we have conceded Chicago and Cook County to the Democrats but that ends now,” said Chairman Sean Morrison. “I am excited to announce I am forming the Cook County Republican Party Chairman’s Club and will be the founding member with a maximum annual donation of $10,800.”

Chairman Morrison continued, “This investment in our future is critical and I am confident together we will be successful. As a businessman, who will continue to be personally invested in our Party, I know we must maximize contributions by creating an efficient business model for the Party. My goal is to spend as much money per dollar on quality Republican candidates in winnable races, invest in long-term strategic efforts to build a Foundation for Our Future in Cook County, and recruit leaders and candidates to build our Party.”

Chairman Morrison concluded, “The battle will not be won over night but we will be successful if we stand together. Through investment in candidate recruitment, digital efforts, voter registration efforts, and long-term strategic planning and infrastructure growth, the Cook County Republican Party’s Chairman Circle will be instrumental in saving Cook County and Illinois from the policies which have held us back for too long.” 


The Cook County Republican Party, Chaired by Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison, is comprised of 80 committee member positions and is the Republican political operation for Cook County. For more information, visit


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