It is an unspoken rule in Illinois politics: Democrats reign in Cook County, leaving Republicans to wage token opposition campaigns that garner few votes and even less enthusiasm. Indeed, Cook County has a long tradition of backing Democrats – voters instinctively trust the Party’s candidates, and sweep them into office regardless of the specific issues in any given race.

But as those same voters struggle through the worst national economy in nearly a century and battle to keep their homes, jobs and savings, they have little patience for business as usual under Democrats at the Cook County Building and State Capitol.

At a time when our state is in fiscal crisis and our national economy is in a recession – Chicago Democrats have not just violated the public trust, they’ve put the financial stability of families throughout our entire state at risk in a fragile economy. Now more than ever, voters are looking for leaders who offer real solutions to their unprecedented challenges – and bring honest leadership to corruptionplagued government.

As we look towards 2016, the case for stronger Republican leadership in Cook County has never been more convincing. The Cook County Republican Party has an opportunity to pick up where Chicago Democrats left off –offering voters an alternative as the party of fiscal responsibility and the limited, ethical government.