Cook County Republican Party Chairman Sean M. Morrison Reflects on a Historic Presidential Election

November 9, 2016

Last night, our nation saw a sea change to our political process with the momentous election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. President-elect Trump was able to reach out and connect with millions upon millions of disenfranchised voters who are hungry for change and a shake-up to the political establishment and status quo that has taken hold in our nation’s capital. There is no doubt what President-elect Trump was able to capture was a silent but strong movement that transcends political ideologies and gave a voice to a middle America who are fed up with ‘business as usual’ politics.

“Trump’s victory has reshaped the political landscape and the Cook County Republican Party is looking forward to working with and supporting his incoming administration to achieve the goals and aspirations of all Americans. We agree. There is so much potential in our country and in our people that must be realized,” stated Chairman Morrison.

As President Obama, Secretary Clinton and President-elect Trump have all stated clearly, it’s now time to put the campaign behind us and move forward as one country because there are many issues and much work that lies ahead for our great nation.

Unfortunately, Senator Mark Kirk and Comptroller Leslie Munger who both were involved in very tough campaigns ran into substantial political obstacles that come with a presidential election year and they were too great to overcome. We thank them both for their service to our great state and wish them well in their future endeavors.

Congratulations to Commissioner Dan Patlak on his re-election to the Cook County Board of Review. Dan’s hard work on behalf of taxpayers was recognized by voters once again and we’re very confident Dan will continue to provide sound republican leadership for all of Cook County.

The Cook County Republican Party would like thank Christopher Pfannkuche and Diane Shapiro for their valiant campaigns for State’s Attorney and Circuit Court Clerk. It is never an easy task to run countywide as republican candidate but Christopher and Diane under took that challenge and we are extremely grateful for their efforts and for providing a forum to debate issues and ideas between the two parties.

Clayton Turner at [email protected]