February 6, 2018

Cook County GOP Endorses Governor Rauner for Re-election

Chicago, IL – The Cook County Republican Central Committee held its endorsement session on Monday, February 5th for the two contested statewide races in the March 20th Republican primary election. At the meeting, Committeemen voted overwhelmingly to endorse Governor Bruce Rauner for re-election with Rauner receiving 66% of the vote to 15% for Jeanne Ives. The Central Committee lauded Governor Rauner’s tireless efforts to rebuild the Republican Party in Illinois and fight one-party rule in Springfield as the two central reasons for their support.

The Cook County Republican Central Committee believes Governor Rauner gives Illinois Republicans the best chance to retain the governor’s office and win vital additional seats in the Illinois House of Representatives and State Senate. Under Governor Rauner’s leadership, Illinois Republicans have won back five house seats in the last election cycle which eliminated a one-party super majority – a much needed step forward for Illinois Republicans.

Governor Rauner has also made substantial economic investments in the Illinois Republican Party and has been instrumental in rebuilding a political infrastructure for republicans to compete across the entire state.  Moreover, the 2018 General Election will be critical to the long-term future of Illinois as the next governor will play a critical role in the upcoming remap of the General Assembly districts.

“Bruce Rauner has shown a fierce commitment to fighting against the entrenched bureaucracy and special interests that have controlled Springfield for decades. Governor Rauner is the best equipped person to continue to lead this fight for reform and that is why the Cook County Republican Central Committee has overwhelmingly endorsed his candidacy for re-election,” stated Chairman Morrison.

The Cook County Republican Central Committee also voted to endorse Erika Harold for Attorney General who received 68% of the vote to 14% for Gary Grasso.  “Erika Harold brings a notable legal background in the areas of constitutional law, commercial litigation and civil rights. Her strong commitment to take on difficult legal issues like criminal justice reform and public corruption is what’s needed in the Attorney General’s Office. Erika will bring a fresh perspective and energy to the Republican statewide ticket and she will make an outstanding Attorney General for all of Illinois,” said Chairman Morrison.