The Cook County Republican Party is hiring 3,000 Judges of Election for Suburban Cook County and for Chicago. The deadline for the public to apply is Friday, February 14th. For more information or to apply, individuals can visit or call 312-242-1818.

The next election is March 18th, and the Republican Party is adding new Judges of Election in nearly every Chicago City Ward and Suburban Township. These election judges usually serve in the precinct that has a vacancy which is nearest to their home. Judges of Election serve from 5:00 am to about 7:30 pm. They are paid $120 for the day plus $50 for attending a required three hour training class. Election judges do receive additional pay for increased responsibility and training. With two elections in 2014, this is a great way for Republicans to earn money while serving their community.

Cook County Republican Party Chairman Aaron Del Mar has made it a priority to ensure a secure voting environment for voters throughout Cook County. The best way to secure the in-precinct Election Day vote is to have bi-partisan oversight by trained Judges of Election in every precinct. Traditionally, Republicans have had difficulty in filing their allotment of positions, but in the 2012 General Election the Cook County Republican Party had Republicans in every polling place in Chicago and in Suburban Cook County for the first time ever. The 2014 goal of the Election Judge Project is to fill all of the Republican election judge positions with voting Republicans.

In addition to Election Day in-precinct voting, the Election Judge Project is committed to having election judge oversight over every vote in Cook County, regardless of whether it is cast during vote by mail voting, early voting, nursing home voting, provisional or grace period voting. Currently, Judges of Election do not oversee all forms of voting in either Chicago or Suburban Cook County. The Election Judge Project is working with both Chicago and Cook County to ensure that Republican Judges of Election are assigned to oversee every vote in Cook County in 2014.

More information on the recruitment of 3,000 election judges can be found at