“I’m so thankful for the support I received from Committeemen throughout the County,” said Chairman Del Mar who received support from Chicago and the North and South sides of Cook County. “I greatly respect Committeeman Joe Hedrick from Niles and look forward to working with him. Now we must unite as Republicans and focus on defeating the Democrats in November.”

Del Mar, a Philippine-American, is the first ever minority to hold the position of Chairman of the Cook County Republican Party. As the Palatine Township Republican Committeeman, he actively recruited individuals into the Republican Party that had previously been ignored, promoting a number of females, minorities, and young people into positions of leadership within the local Party.

Chairman Del Mar concluded: “If we are to compete in Cook County, we must grow the Republican Party. There are many who agree with our message of fiscal conservatism, individual responsibility, and limited government. It isn’t rocket science: we simply need to take our message, which is superior to the tax-and-spend message of our Democrat counterparts, to these concerned citizens and draw them into the party of Lincoln and Reagan. If we can be successful in this mission here on the front lines of the battle for Illinois, we can finally elect countywide and statewide Republicans to lead our great state back to prosperity.”