Ideas Illinois Statement on Pritzker Jobs Tax Rate Proposal
Key questions for Governor Pritzker remain 

Ideas Illinois Chairman Greg Baise today released the following statement regarding Governor Pritzker’s Jobs Tax rate proposal and a list of outstanding questions the governor must address if voters are to have any trust in what he says today: 

“We can’t trust Springfield politicians – the same people who in the last 8 years have raised taxes twice – with a blank check,” Ideas Illinois Chairman Greg Baise said. “Today’s proposal is just a massive jobs tax on Illinois families and will destroy the Illinois economy and further accelerate people fleeing the state.” 

Key Questions for Governor Pritzker 

Are you going to lock these rates into the Constitution, so voters know EXACTLY what they are voting on? 

Illinois has had 2 tax increases in the last 8 years – can you promise that these tax rates will not change?  

Have you done an analysis on what this jobs tax will do to job creators? 

In the past, you have said that this will pay for schools, infrastructure, pensions, and social services along with a property tax break – is this enough money because the math doesn’t seem to add up.   

Do you trust the legislature to be responsible or will this be another blank check to raise taxes whenever they want?