COOK COUNTY GOP STATEMENT: In the midst of a truly horrific tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin yesterday, we were struck with some very disturbing public comments made by a member of the DuPage County Democrat Party. The depravity and lack of humanity exhibited by leftist Mary Lamanski in her comments is absolutely disgusting.
Innocent people, mostly seniors and children, were intentionally mowed down and killed by a driver while they participated in a Christmas Parade. This is a time when we should all be rallying around our devastated Wisconsin neighbors who are in dire need of compassion and support right now. Not spewing evil vitriol like Ms. Lamanski.
DuPage Dem 2
DuPage Dem 1
It’s one thing to harbor these kinds of evil thoughts internally, but it’s another to express them in a public declaration. It’s extremely troubling to see an unhinged individual like Mary Lamanski in such an influential position with the DuPage County Democrat Party, as their social media director no less!
It’s not unreasonable to question her decision-making capabilities given her grotesque statements in the aftermath of such a tragic event. We can only hope that this kind of vile rhetoric used to exploit a deadly tragedy will not be tolerated by those on the left or by anyone else for that matter.