Chicago, IL – How can Cook County survive the lack of judgment and misguided social agenda of Kim Foxx?

First, in response to an office employee contracting COVID-19 at the Domestic Violence Courthouse in March, Foxx shut down the building, leaving victims of domestic abuse without an appropriate remedy for their situation.

Now Foxx believes she is solving the crisis of illegal drug sales plaguing our community by dismissing defendants’ drug cases upon their first appearance in court. Click to View Sample of Cases Dismissed.

One of many unfortunate outcomes of Kim Foxx’s poor decision making is highlighted in an April 23, 2020, Chicago Sun-Times article titled, ‘In first day as superintendent, David Brown apologizes to Alderman for not warning about police surge.’

“…The order mandated that officers from police districts across the North Side and Northwest Side be sent to the Harrison District on the West Side — long one of the most violent areas of the city, where open-air drug markets are common.”

It is the failed policies of Kim Foxx that have led to the expanded illegal drug markets.

Since the middle of March, prosecutors in preliminary hearing courtrooms have dismissed over 450 drug cases. This policy sets drug defendants free and signals Foxx’s acquiesce to this lawless behavior. Foxx has turned Chicago into the “Wild West.” Click to View Sample of Cases Dismissed.

Those who have suffered the most under the Failed Foxx Era are those living in neighborhoods where drug dealers openly operate with absolutely no fear of consequence. Also, suffering are families in areas where police officers are blocked and stripped of their ability to combat this criminal behavior effectively — due to misguided Foxx and her political cronies.

If this is another policy effort to keep the jail population and correctional officers safe from COVID-19, then once again, Kim Foxx has provided Cook County with another ineffective decision.

As one solution to protect correctional officers, the prosecutors could, in the appropriate situation, continue the cases for sixty-days, and have the defendants return to court. If a defendant is re-arrested before the next court date, then further consequences should be imposed. The intervening period allows for the health situation to be further clarified.

The lack of enforced legal consequences promotes and results in increased crime, violence, and puts the Citizens of Cook County in a dangerous position. The real remedy for this consistent display of failed policy and decisions making is for the People of Cook County to end the failed era of Kim Foxx and elect a new State’s Attorney.