Please join us Sunday, June 23 at the Annual Wine and Cheese Party at Clarkson Park in Northfield.

The Wine and Cheese Party is a highlight of the summer, and this year there will be plenty for NTRO members to talk about. This year, the event is co-sponsored by the Evanston Regular Republican Organization

Our two featured speakers are Rep. Bob Dold and Rep. Joe Walsh. Both came into Congress in 2010 as part of a resurgent Republican showing statewide and nationwide. Both were victims of the Democrat-dictated redistricting, both suffering losses in their redrawn districts. Rep. Dold needs no introduction to NTRO. He’s a member, and he is a part of the community in Kenilworth. We look forward to supporting his run in 2014 to retake the seat from Brad Schneider.

Rep. Walsh is now a talk show host on WIND-AM 560.

Tickets are $10 each.

Register for the Wine and Cheese Party by clicking here.