August 18, 2019

Chairman Morrison calls photo images from a Senator Sandoval fundraiser which depict the shooting of President Trump "Disturbing and downright vile"

CHICAGO, IL – Cook County GOP Chairman Sean Morrison is calling on democrat State Senator Martin Sandoval to publicly explain why the senator finds these disturbing images from his fundraiser which depict a mock shooting of President Trump (with an assault weapon) as appropriate behavior for an elected official’s event.

These photos are disturbing and downright vile, said Chairman Morrison. Where shootings, murders and violence rage on in parts of Chicago, we have a democrat state senator who evidently thinks simulating an assassination of the President of the United States is acceptable behavior and a positive message for public consumption.

This kind of unhinged behavior exhibited at Senator Sandoval’s fundraiser has no place in our politics or public discourse.

Democrats, especially here in Illinois, never miss an opportunity to castigate President Trump and republicans with over the top claims that they promote violence and are violent fascists. But, here we have a leading democrat state senator actually making a decision to hold a mock assassination of the President for entertainment value and then photographing it for public viewing. The hypocrisy on display here by democrats stinks to high heaven.

And the public is left to wonder why we have mass shootings, murders, and a general disregard for law enforcement and the rule of law. What does the acceptance and celebration of this sick spectacle say for democrats and their party? It’s a fair question to ask of Senator Sandoval and his democrat colleagues.

MEDIA CONTACT: Chairman Sean Morrison is available for media inquiries. Please contact Dennis Cook at 708-522-7426 for all media inquiries.