Chicago, IL – To show support and unity with the men and women of local law enforcement who serve and protect, Cook County Commissioner Sean M. Morrison has created the website

This website offers assistance to the public as to how they can show their support for their local law enforcement through a public display of blue and by signing an online petition of support for rank and file police officers.

“As our nation mourns over the vicious and unconscionable attacks of our men and women in blue, we are asking everyone to pray for those who have lost their lives last week to those who would viciously ambush our first line of defense, the men and women who protect all Americans. It is a sad day for law enforcement and a sad day for America,” said Commissioner Morrison.

Commissioner Morrison is asking the public to display blue lights and/or flags at their homes, on their vehicles or wherever they feel it to be appropriate.  Blue ribbons wrapped around trees will also signify support for our police officers.  Commissioner Morrison believes it is critical at this time to show our men and women in blue that we have their backs, as they would ours.

“I am humbly trying to advance public support for our fine men and women of law enforcement so I’m asking people who visit the website to share it with others through social media to grow the support movement for our police officers. At a difficult time like this, they need all of our support,” stated Commissioner Morrison. He also believes this is not only a time for citizens to show their public support for police but also for elected officials and government offices across the country to show unwavering solidarity with the police officers who put their lives on the line every single day.Do you like this post?