A few thoughts on election fraud and the court cases:

1). The Case brought by the State of Texas was dismissed for lack of standing. The court expressed no opinion with respect to the validity, truth or falseness of the underlying complaints regarding violations of election laws, fraud or of the US Constitution.

2). There is ample evidence of fraud that was extensive and could have changed the election — the challenge is proving the fraud and other legal violations more likely than not changed the election.

For example in Nevada, the Republican party presented evidence that:

-Almost 8k ballots cast by voters with addresses that are physically non-existent

-Appx 15k voters registered to vacant or commercial properties that cast ballots

-2,468 votes by voters that legally changed their address to another state or country

-Appx 42k voters who voted twice in NV

-Appx 1,500 voters listed as deceased by the SSA

-Almost 20k NV voters with a non NV mailing address

-Appx 6k USPS flags on vacant addresses

Under our current systems, after the ballots are opened, counted and intermingled, there is no practical means of identifying which ballots were the illegal ballots, and thus almost no practical means of successfully bearing the burden in court of proving the illegal ballots changed the result.

3). The extreme difficulty of proving the effect of fraud after the fact is why protections around ballot custody and partisan oversight of counting are so essential — the best (and perhaps only) way to effectively combat electoral fraud is before it happens.

4). The Democrat party has a casual disregard (at best) for preventing fraud — they fight to change long established election laws to eliminate ballot custody security, proof of voter identity and partisan oversight of the counting process. Naturally, Republicans are suspicious of and angry at folks that do what they can to eliminate safeguards against fraud — and then blithely dismiss all evidence of fraud, without even looking at the evidence. And it is largely Democrat elected officials in the areas where laws protecting the vote were disregarded.

5). We are also seeing that there is no effective legal remedy for institutional violations of election laws to prevent cheating. The Democrats legal response is effectively a taunt: “oh yeah? Prove that these violations of law changed the results!”

6). People of good faith should all support a legal system that promotes free and fair voting while preventing fraud. And we need reforms to provide an effective legal remedy to voters when the institutions entrusted with implementing our election laws violate them. There’s so much that’s been wrong about this election — tens of millions of Americans are seething. We have a crisis of confidence in a basic building block of our representative system. This is a serious issue, the anger is widespread and real, not manufactured, and it won’t go away….

— Richard Porter, IL GOP National Committeeman